How to write a sponsorship request letter

If you are looking for a sponsor for an event or for a charity, then one of the most important tings that you need to undertake is to write a request letter. This is crucial, especially if you don’t know the company you are writing to. The request letter actually serves two purposes, First, it is meant to introduce your organization to the potential sponsor. Next, it is also a letter that should persuade the prospect into giving you the funding you need.

If you haven’t’ written a sponsorship request letter before, do not fret. Below are some tips on how to write a sponsorship request letter that will surely reel in sponsors for your cause.

Introduce Your Organization Well

Do not make the mistake of going straight to asking for sponsorship without first into educing yourself and your organization. This should comprise the first paragraph of your letter. The companies need to know first who is making the request. Introduce yourself thoroughly. Write a short history of your organization. Detail your line of work and the causes you work for. You need to introduce your organization well. This is the first part of winning the company over. They must first believe in you and the things that you do before they will get comfortable enough to sponsor your event or cause.

Make Sure that Your Cause is Worth It

Do not write the letter without having clear idea first of the event or cause you are asking sponsorship for. If there is one thing that companies do not like, it is sponsorship requests for vague causes or events. Be clear about your objectives. Let them know why you need sponsorship. Be straight to the point. Keep in mind that the person reading your letter is most likely a very busy individual who doesn’t have the time for people who beat around the bush. Avoid creating confusion in your letter. Be clear by using simple language. The last thing that you want to happen is to be misunderstood.

Be Polite

Alright, this should be common sense but you will be surprised with the umber of people who forget to be polite when writing a letter. Avoid tones that may seem condescending or even patronizing. Avoid talking about the benefits that your organization will get from the partnership. Focus instead on what you have to offer in exchange of the sponsorship. You should also focus on the social benefits of your cause or event and what the community can get from it. The sponsorship request letter is not a venue for grandstanding. Do not enumerate the achievements of your organization. Instead, discuss what you can do if you actually have more funds. This will encourage the reader to take your request seriously.

Now that you know the basics of writing a sponsorship request letter, you are now ready to do the actual writing. Of course, you should never neglect the basic rules of grammar and punctuation. After all, you want to appear as a professional who has a business proposal to make.